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Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship

Saint Louis University’s Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship within the Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business helps entrepreneurs combine their passion with business skills to produce high-performing organizations. Our mission is to deliver and develop world-class entrepreneurship education for all.

About the Center

Founded in 1987, the Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship is known for its innovative approach to entrepreneurship. We have been a national leader in developing and delivering innovative programs to promote entrepreneurship through education. Our nationally ranked programs promote economic growth by encompassing passion, compassion, planning and performance.

Our programs are based on partnerships between the center and interested members of the community. Entrepreneurs and those who support entrepreneurship have contributed their time, insights and financial support to help us deliver an unprecedented range and quality of programs.

The Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship is always eager to meet with individuals and organizations that share our vision of building a region of entrepreneurs and have interest in forming relationships to help make that happen.

The excellence of the Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship is tied to the tireless efforts of dedicated volunteers who help connect the center to the community through delivering and expanding its diverse offerings. These include the more than 100 volunteers annually who work on our competitions, classes and other programs to help build a region of entrepreneurs.

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the engine of local, national and global economies. Entrepreneurship is an opportunity open to all, regardless of age, race or nationality.

Entrepreneurship reflects the mindset originally identified with those who start their own business — those with:

  • A willingness to take on risks and challenges to achieve their dreams
  • A passionate focus on their product or service and the needs of those who would benefit from it
  • An interest in innovation
  • A desire to be the first into a market or the first to make use of new technologies or rules or the first to offer an improvement on what people are used to.

The talents of classic entrepreneurs can benefit big corporations, nonprofits, and even government. At Saint Louis University, we teach our students that entrepreneurship can occur in corporate, social and independent ventures.

Programs and Events

The Saint Louis University Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship promotes entrepreneurial mindsets and skills in a learning environment designed to make people better entrepreneurs. 

Educational Programming

SLU offers programs in entrepreneurship at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Learn more.

Competition and Awards

The Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship offers unique academic competitions which evaluate business ideas from their onset through business planning and capitalization stages.

At Saint Louis University, we believe that one of the best ways for students to develop a real-world orientation and gain traction for their ideas in the real world is through competition. Of course, feedback and prize money doesn’t hurt, either. We support a variety of competitions at the collegiate level and the high-school level.

Collegiate Competitions

High-School Competitions

Networking and Mentoring

The Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship connects entrepreneurs through networking, peer mentoring and other resources to help develop a successful business. We sponsor the following networking and mentoring programs:

The Chaifetz Center for Entrepreneurship also offers unique opportunities to support entrepreneurial efforts within our community. This includes programs that bring resources together to foster the ideas of students and alumni such as the Blue Diamonds Accelerator and the Billiken Angel Network.