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Information for Faculty

Faculty use Banner Self-Service, Saint Louis University's database system, to view and print class rosters, view classroom assignments and class schedules, obtain student email addresses, list office hours and assign student grades.

Accessing Banner Self-Service

Visit My Apps Dashboard and click on the Banner Self-Service Faculty/Staff icon. 

If you are unable to log on or don't know your SLU Net ID or password, contact the registrar's office at Include your name and Banner ID number in the email.

In Banner Self-Service you will see the following menu items: General Links, Instructor Links, Advising/Mentoring Links and Additional Links.

To Enter Instructor Approvals in Banner Self-Service
  • Click on "Registration Overrides" under Instructor Links.
To View a List of Students and Email the Class
  • Click on "Class Roster" under Instructor Links.
  • Double-click on the course you want to see.
  • Click on Wait List next to Class List to view Waitlisted students.
  • You may email students from the class list and/or the waitlist.  Just select them or select all and click the envelope icon.
  • The option "Detail View" (click down-arrow next to Summary View) — provides further information on each student, i.e. "major".
To View a Student's Academic Transcript
  • Click "Advising Student Profile" under Advising/Mentoring Links.
  • Select the current term and enter the student's Banner ID or name.
  • Select the student and click on "View Profile."
  • Click on "Academic Transcript" (left-hand side menu).
  • Select All Levels and Unofficial.
To Submit Your Grades
  • Click "Grade Entry” or "Grade Change" under Instructor Links.
To View Detailed Information on the Courses You are Assigned to Teach
  • Click on "Instructor Schedule" under Instructor Links.
  • Select the Term.
  • Click on the CRN field to see your courses and make a selection.
To Input Your Office Hours for Students to View
  • Click on "Instructor Schedule" under Instructor Links.
  • Choose the term and course.
  • Scroll down to the Office Hours area and click "Add Office Hours."

Grading for Undergraduate Courses

A final grade must be submitted for every student on your rosters, including those who do not take the final exam or have stopped coming to class. A grade of 0 should be assigned for missing assignments or exams, and the overall resulting grade should be submitted. It's complicated for our office to resolve a final grade when it has been left blank.

The grading system at Saint Louis University follows a 0.0 to 4.0 grade-point scale. Grades are assigned as specified in the catalog.

For specific clarifications on grading, consult your academic division chair.

Important Deadlines and Procedures

A Week Before Class Starts

Save an electronic copy of your syllabus in the shared directory SYLLABI.

Third Week of Classes

Print out your class list in Banner and take attendance.


  1. Notify the Office of the Registrar if a student attending your class does not appear on the Banner roster.
  2. Click on the Issue EAB Alert link next to the student's name in your Banner roster if a student in your roster is not attending.


Submit your midterm grades via Banner Self-Service. See the Academic Calendar for the deadline to submit grades.

End of semester

Submit your final grades via Banner Self-Service. See the Academic Calendar for the deadline to submit grades.