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Meet the DEI Team

Headshot of Katrina Moore


Katrina Thompson Moore 

Katrina Thompson Moore (She/Her/Hers) is the associate dean for diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement for the College of Arts and Sciences.  She also is an associate professor in the Department of History and the Department of African American Studies at Saint Louis University. She specializes in 19th- and 20th-century issues of race, gender, stereotypes, popular culture, and American entertainment history. Moore received her B.A. from Our Lady of the Lake University and an M.A. and Ph.D. from State University of New York at Stony Brook. Her book Ring Shout, Wheel About: The Racial Politics of Music and Dance in North American Slavery, focuses on the manner in which enslaved blacks were forced entertainment in early America and the manner in which these traditions evolved into 19th-century minstrelsy and, ultimately, raises the question of whether today's mass media performances and depictions of African Americans are so very far removed from their troublesome roots. Moore has contributed to discussions on race, popular culture, and the African American experience on political and cultural focus media, and is frequently invited to lecture at venues around the nation.

Moore is the founder of the Race and Reconciliation Project, which organizes workshops for secondary education institutions on enhancing an understanding of the experiences of Blacks in America. A native of New Orleans, Moore is committed to enriching a better understanding of history and culture. 


DEI Liaisons

The DEI liaisons support undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff in creating a more inclusive Saint Louis University community. The DEI liaisons work closely with the College of Arts and Sciences' associate dean of diversity, equity,  inclusion and engagement to advance efforts in social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion at SLU and the larger St. Louis community.

Rana Jordan headshot

Team Lead: Rana Jordan (She/They)

I am a second-year graduate student pursuing my public and social policy Ph.D. I am also a first-generation American with immigrant parents who were born and raised in Nazareth, Israel. I learned English as my second language. I was raised in Middle Eastern and American culture, which was a struggle. I work in DEI because I believe we should live in an equitable world where we show compassion toward one another and everyone gets a chance to pursue their passion for aiding our community. I want to live in a world where we celebrate each other's cultures, can learn from one another and can freely share ideas. As a graduate liaison, I want to enhance the scholarship in diversity, equity and inclusion work that will assist in making Saint Louis University more equitable for my generation and future generations.

Bryce Davis Headshot

Graduate Liaison: Bryce Davis (He/Him)

I am a fourth-year graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. I am a first-generation college student. My research examines the impact of discrimination. In my free time, I love going to the movies and traveling. In this role, I want to help increase diversity, equity and inclusion across SLU and create opportunities for growth and engagement in these areas for current and future Billikens!

Brandee Hunter headshot

Undergraduate Liaison: Brandee Concepcion Hunter (She/Her)

I am a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in environmental science. I am a Chamorro and Palauan Pacific Islander who was born, raised, and will eventually return to my home, the island of Saipan, located in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. My home is extremely diverse and welcoming, and there we are all “fåmilia,” so coming to the U.S. mainland was definitely a change for me. I experienced many cultural differences, such as witnessing how prevalent discrimination and prejudice based on race, ethnicity, and nationality are, and how they have impacted myself and others in the overall experience and sense of belonging while being here in the U.S. As a student from an underrepresented background who wants to bring the feelings of belonging and fåmilia from my home to welcome and share with others, I am excited to promote and spread more awareness about how diversity, equity and inclusion are integral to students like me at SLU! 

Past DEI Team Members

kennedy for web

Undergraduate Liaison: Kennedy Crye (She/Her/Hers) 

I am a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in nutrition, health and wellness. Post-graduation, I plan to attend a physical therapy program to obtain my D.P.T. Growing up bi-racial, diversity was and still is my lived experience. Being graced with the opportunity to see the world through two lenses, I have recognized the beauty of diversity. I desire to leave a footprint that celebrates differences, accepts uniqueness, and is constantly evolving. I want every person to feel that this world is just a bit better, just a little bit more unique, because they are in it!

alexander for web

Graduate Liaison: Alexander Chang (He/Him/His)

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the clinical psychology program. In my research, I use a strengths-based approach to highlight the resilience of historically underrepresented groups. Being from California, I enjoy exploring the nearest mountains and waterways during my pastimes. I firmly believe that creating an equitable playing field for each person is beneficial to the world at large, and that advocacy is an important aspect of my work as a clinician. In this role, I am committed to improving the experience of historically underrepresented members of the SLU community.

Headshot of Cordell Billups

Graduate Intern: Cordell Billups (He/Him/His)

I am a graduate student in SLU's Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration program. I currently work at the university in the Department of Biology as a senior program coordinator, where I work directly with students to provide equitable outcomes during their time in the program and at the university. As a Black male native of North St. Louis, I noticed the lack of resources and access to opportunities for those around me. Disparities like the ones aforementioned and many more became the fuel behind my drive to create lasting change for the community that has poured into my life. I have extensive experience in DEI and plan to continue to work towards and build competency to better be able to serve as a voice for those who have been marginalized historically. In this role, I want to begin the work of making impactful and sustainable change within the College of Arts and Sciences.