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The courses taken as part of Saint Louis University's Micah program go beyond papers and exams. Each fosters community and connects academics with real-world problems. 

A group prepares for a retreat

Students involved in the Micah program will form bonds in and out of the classroom. 

Micah Courses for Freshmen Students

During the fall semester, you will take at least two Micah-section courses which also fulfill some of the University’s core requirements. In the spring semester, you will take at least one more Micah course related to the communities of the people we serve. These courses can be used toward the optional minor in urban poverty studies. Micah freshmen students enroll in special sections of introductory courses, many of which fulfill some of the University's core requirements. Since enrollment is limited, classes are small, allowing participants to work closely with their instructors and their fellow students. 

Faculty members who teach Micah-section courses are chosen for their interest in problems of the American city, for their experience and effectiveness as teachers, and for their dedication to social equity, justice and peace. 

Minor in Urban Poverty Studies

Drawing on the long tradition of Saint Louis University's commitment to the city of St. Louis, the interdisciplinary minor in urban poverty studies is an examination of local, national and global forms of poverty, inequality and social injustice in urban environments. Through coursework and practical experience serving in St. Louis, students from across academic disciplines will think critically about the most pressing problems faced by people living on the margins in contemporary cities. In addition, they will investigate the ways in which the minor can supplement their major field of study.

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