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About the Department

Women's and gender studies is a social justice-focused field of study that draws from the social sciences, sciences and humanities, and contributes to disciplines including law, medicine and nursing.

At its core, women's and gender studies recognizes the importance of diversity and the consequences of differences in power and opportunity. Our courses examine power relations that result in societal marginalization. 

Department of Women's and Gender Studies Mission

The mission of the Department of Women's and Gender Studies at Saint Louis University is to provide an academic environment for faculty and students from departments across the University to explore feminist and gender studies scholarship.

The department offers an undergraduate major, an undergraduate minor, an accelerated bachelor's degree to master's degree program, a master of arts, a dual J.D./M.A. degree, and a graduate minor. The department takes leadership in organizing University-wide scholarly discussions of research, pedagogy and course development with a focus on ethics and social justice. The department's faculty contribute to the international body of research in women's and gender studies.

The department offers a model for other disciplines to pursue interdisciplinary research and promote the University's mission of striving to transform societies in the spirit of social justice.