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Transfer to SLU LAW

Transfer applicants must produce evidence of satisfactory study in an ABA-accredited or provisionally accredited law school and be eligible to continue at the school from which the transfer is sought.

Transfer of Credit Earned Outside of SLU LAW

SLU LAW will review an application for transfer based upon completion of the first semester of law school. We will consider accepting a maximum of 30 hours of credit toward the J.D. from another law school, and we will consider accepting course grades of at least a C or its equivalent. In addition, transfer applicants must submit the following:

  • A completed Saint Louis University School of Law application
  • A personal statement
  • A resume
  • LSAT/CAS report from Law Services
  • A letter from the dean or appropriate law school official certifying that the student is "in good standing" and eligible to return
  • An official transcript of all law school work, including class rank where available. An unofficial transcript will suffice when the official transcript is unavailable at the time of application. (Please note that a decision made on the basis of an unofficial transcript is contingent upon receipt of the official transcript as soon as it is available.) The number of credits that will be applied toward the J.D. degree at Saint Louis University School of Law will depend on the content of the completed courses and the grades received in those courses.

SLU LAW will consider a student's transfer application based upon grades earned during the first semester of law school.

One of the benefits of early acceptance is the possibility of completing the process to be selected as a staff member of one of our student-run publications. When acceptance is granted based only on first semester grades, it will be contingent upon the following:

  • Successful completion of first year of law school
  • Submission of official transcript
  • Satisfactory academic performance in second semester (as determined by SLU LAW)
  • To earn the J.D., SLU LAW students must complete a minimum of 91 semester hours of course work. A transfer student's cumulative GPA is calculated based only on grades earned in courses taken at the SLU LAW. Transfer students are provided an estimated class rank based on the students in their same ranking group.