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Paying Your Bill

Payments for tuition and other charges and fees at Saint Louis University can be made online, by mail and in person. To make payments and view your account activity online, navigate to Payment Suite by logging into your mySLU portal and selecting Payment Suite from your apps. 

Payment Due Dates:

  • Summer semester: June 1, July 1
  • Fall semester: Aug. 4, Sept. 1, Oct. 2, Nov. 1 and Dec. 1
  • Spring semester: Jan. 5, Feb. 1, March 1, April 1 and May 1

Payments are always due on the first of each month. When the first falls on a weekend or holiday, payments are due on the first business day following the weekend or holiday.

Payments by Mail

Checks must include a student Banner ID number and be mailed to:

Saint Louis University
Office of Student Financial Services
P.O. Box 790165
St. Louis, MO 63179-0165

Payments in Person

Payments may be made directly at the cashier’s office, located in DuBourg Hall, Room 4, on Saint Louis University’s north campus. 

Online Payments by Parents, Guardians or Other Third Parties

If you are a parent, guardian or other third party, students can give you access to Payment Suite and their e-bill independently of MySLU. This process requires two steps:

  1. Become an authorized user and obtain a password. Students can use the Payment Suite (mySLU Apps) to register you as an authorized user. A password will be sent to the email address provided by the student.
  2. Log in to the Bill Payment Suite. You can log in at using the email address and password associated with your authorized user registration. Once there, you may view the student's bill, make payments or enroll in a payment plan.

International Payments 

International students can make payments using Flywire . Flywire accepts payments from any country — typically in your home currency.

In order to submit the enrollment deposit, incoming international students should log into their Billiken Gateway portal.

Students enrolling in the INTO SLU program can make payments using INTOPay. INTOPay accepts payments from any country via debit card, credit card, or bank transfer. These payments can typically be made in your home currency as well. Please click here to use INTOPay for the INTO SLU program. If you have any questions, please contact

Using Flywire:

  • Once you initiate payment on you will receive detailed instructions on how to transfer funds to SLU. Flywire will keep you informed every step in the process, including when funds have reached SLU.
  • Create a booking with Flywire every time you need to send money to SLU. For more information, you can view videos about Flywire and how to make payment in English and Chinese.
  • After you've made your payment, log back into Flywire's website to review the status of your payment. SLU will be notified once Flywire has guaranteed the funds.
  • Flywire has 24/7 support available via phone, email or Skype. Please see Flywire support for contact information.

Late Payments and Nonpayments

Late Payments:

Students enrolled in the payment plan with an enrollment fee will automatically be switched to the payment plan with the 1 percent interest charge if they are late making more than one payment. Interest charges and late fees will not be assessed until after Sept. 1 for the fall semester and Feb. 1 for the spring semester.

Nonpayment on Account:

If any tuition, fees or charges owed to the University are not paid as and when due, we reserve the right to withhold transcripts or diplomas related to your enrollment and cancel your enrollment for a current term and/or registration for future terms. If you no longer plan to attend Saint Louis University, contact the Office of the Registrar for an official withdrawal at 314-977-2269.

Payment Plans

Pay in Full

Pay your semester bill in full to Saint Louis University. Full payment for the fall semester is due by August payment due date; full payment for the spring semester is due by January due date.

Monthly Payment Plans

You can also enroll in one of two monthly payment plan options. The deadlines for enrolling in a monthly payment plan are July 31 for the fall semester and Dec. 31 for the spring semester.

  • Semester Enrollment Fee: If you chose this option, you will make monthly payments that are interest free, but you will be assessed an enrollment fee of $75 each semester.
  • Interest Charge: If you chose this option, you will be assessed a 1 percent interest charge each month on any unpaid balance.

Typically, students with an outstanding balance of between $4,000 and $5,000 or more benefit from choosing the payment plan with the enrollment fee. Students with smaller outstanding balances are more likely to benefit from choosing the payment plan with the 1 percent interest charge.

1098-T Tax Forms

1098-T tax forms can be retrieved by logging into mySLU and following the instructions below.

1. Log into your mySLU portal and select Banner Self-Service from the list of apps. 

2. Select Tax Notification under Student Financial Links. 

3. Enter the tax year for which you are wanting to retrieve the 1098-T form.

You will need your 1098-T to claim either the American Opportunity Credit or the Lifetime Learning Credit on your federal tax return.

IRS's Tax Benefits for Education: Information Center

IRS's Tax Information for Students


If your financial aid exceeds your direct billed costs, you will receive a refund. Aid can be paid no sooner than 10 days prior to the start of the semester. After aid has been applied based on your choice, a refund check will either be mailed to the address you designated on your account, or deposited directly into a checking or savings account you've connected to your account.

To take advantage of the electronic funds transfer (EFT) refund process, click on the Refund tab in the Payment Suite, found in your mySLU apps.