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Vascular Surgery Fellowship

Vascular fellows

Saint Louis University’s Vascular Surgery Fellowship Program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for one position each year. The program is comprised of two years of clinical specialization following satisfactory completion of a general surgery residency. The number of vascular operations performed and interventional procedures annually provides extensive clinical experience. 

All diagnostic angiography and interventional procedures re performed by the vascular surgery service. Full access to schedule cases in angiography is complemented by full angio capability in the operating room. 

Residents also gain ample experience in preoperative and postoperative management of patients. In the Noninvasive Vascular Laboratory, residents learn to interpret results and correlate them with clinical findings and angiograms for accuracy. Additional instruction is gained during weekly vascular surgery conferences. 

The program at Saint Louis University is supervised by full-time faculty. Vascular surgery residents also spend six months total at Mercy Hospital St. Louis with a busy, private group of four vascular surgeons doing high-volume vascular cases and advanced endovascular aneurysm cases. 

Vascular Surgery Trainee Case Volume

Type SLU National Mean
Aorta 81 78
Cerebrovascular 69 66
Upper extremity 28 18
Lysis 9 8
Extra Anatomic 19 16
Visceral 35 15
Venous 50 39
Trauma 43 15
Vascular Access 82 70
Amputation 55 40
Endovascular Diagnostic 142 96
Peripheral Interventions 312 213


 Sample Vascular Surgery Fellow Rotation Schedule

  August September October November December January


Mercy Red

Mercy Red SLU VS1 SLU VS1 Mercy Blue

Mercy Blue

Mercy Blue Vasc Lab




Mercy Red
  February March April May June   July
PGY-7 Mercy Blue SLU VS2 SLU VS2 Mercy Red SLU VS2 Mercy Blue
PGY-6 SLU VS1 Mercy Red Mercy Red SLU VS2 Mercy Blue SLU VS2


Vascular Surgery Fellowship Graduates and the Program Director

Vascular Surgery Fellowship Graduates and the Program Director