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Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency

Vascular residents in operating room

Saint Louis University’s Vascular Surgery Integrated Residency (0+5) Program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for one position each year.  The Vascular Surgery integrated residency program allows medical students to pursue a career in vascular surgery after completion of medical school via five clinical years of training, leading to board certification in Vascular Surgery. The majority of the first three years are dedicated to mastering core surgical principles (eight months of core surgery rotations, four months of vascular rotations), while the last two years are dedicated to mastering vascular surgery. Thirty-six months over the five years are dedicated specifically to vascular surgery training. 

Rotations take place at a university-based hospital, a community hospital, and a veteran’s hospital with a diverse mix of faculty members with various training backgrounds and prior experiences, all of whom are dedicated to the training of future vascular surgeons. Residents matched in the integrated program will join those training in a traditional, independent program that has been in existence for more 30 years. 

 Sample Vascular Surgery Resident Rotation Schedule

  July August September October November December
PGY-5 Mercy Mercy SLU VS  SLU VS  Mercy  Mercy
PGY-4 Mercy Mercy Mercy  SLU VS  SLU VS  SLU VS
PGY-3 SLU VS SLU VS  Neuro IR  SLU VS  SLU VS  Nephrology 
PGY-2  VA  VA  SLU VS Cardiac Surgery   Cardiac Surgery  SLU VS
PGY-1 SLU VS   Trauma ICU  SLU VS  Blue  GS Nights  Trauma
  January  February  March April May June
PGY-5  SLU VS  SLU VS  SLU VS  Mercy  Mercy  Mercy
PGY-4  Mercy  Mercy  Mercy  SLU VS  SLU VS  SLU VS
PGY-2  SLU VS Blue   Trauma ICU  SLU VS  St. Mary's  
PGY-1 ACS   Silver  Vascular Lab  SLU VS  ACS  Transplant