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Diversity and Social Equity

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Diversity and Social Equity Committee is to assist the Department of Family and Community Medicine in promoting the Jesuit mission of Saint Louis University by supporting inclusion of underrepresented populations and groups who occupy minority identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender, religion, immigrant status, sexuality, and ability).

Purpose and Role in the Department

The primary purpose and roles of the Diversity and Social Equity Committee include development of goals and implementation of activities that: 1) further support the culture of diversity and inclusion in the Department and 2) facilitate the department's and University's mission related to treatment of underrepresented and marginalized members of our community. Therefore, an overarching function of the Diversity and Social Equity Committee is to encourage and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in the department. Roles of the committee and activities are currently organized into three activity areas: consultation, education and mentoring.

Committee Structure

Director of Diversity


Denise Anderson, M.D.

Participates in leadership team of the department and serves as interim assistant dean for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the School of Medicine. Please contact Dr. Denise Hooks-Anderson if you have questions.

Committee Members

Open to all faculty and/or staff representatives from each division (e.g., family medicine, community medicine, research, and behavioral health, student and resident representatives). 

Committee Chair: Denise Hooks-Anderson, M.D., associate professor and interim assistant dean of diversity, equity and inclusion

Activities of the Committee


The goals in this area are to provide guidance and resources to faculty, students, and staff when diversity and inclusion-related questions or concerns arise related to marketing and recruitment materials, policies and procedures of the department and associated clinics, interpersonal relationships, the climate of the learning environment in the department, and retention of faculty and students who occupy minority identities. This committee’s aim is to prevent and resolve conflicts and bring restoration to relationships when issues of marginalization and prejudice arise.

For more information about consultations, please contact Denise Hooks-Anderson, M.D., at


The central goal in this area is to enhance the integration of diversity and inclusion-related discourse into the education and training of students, residents, faculty, and staff with relevant knowledge and experience about cultural and individual diversity as it relates to the field of family, community, and behavioral medicine. This committee will act as a consultation to educators and students to improve the educational process.

For more information about diversity education, please contact Denise Hooks-Anderson, M.D., at


The goal of this area is to match underrepresented faculty, staff, students, and residents with mentors with relevant knowledge and experience for promoting faculty and student retention and success.

For more information about mentoring, please contact Denise Hooks-Anderson, M.D., at

Diversity and Social Equity Recent Programs and Events