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Center for Eloquentia Perfecta

The Ratio Studiorum, a curricular document produced by the Jesuits in 1599, included eloquentia perfecta, which promotes eloquence in speech and writing by inviting students to use rhetoric thoughtfully to contribute to the common good.

The goal of SLU-Madrid's Center for Eloquentia Perfecta is to further the work of the University's written and oral communication courses in providing students with tools to meet challenges when called on to contribute to ethical public discourse throughout their university careers and beyond.

The Center offers consultations in person, via Zoom or asynchronously via email. To see the opening hours, please go to the Center's booking page.

How to make an appointment:

  1. To make an appointment for consultation on your written or oral communication assignments, click here. Note: all appointments must be made 24 hours in advance.
  2. After you have made your appointment, you must send an email to with the following information:
    1. What you would like to work on during the meeting (e.g. paragraph structure, clarity, organization, citations, design of visuals, etc.)
    2. The assignment instructions, an assessment rubric (if you have one), or other specifications.
  3. Prior to your appointment date, a consultant will email you (if you do not receive an email, please make sure to check your spam or junk folder to see if it was routed there.)
  4. If you have specific questions about your appointment or wish to cancel it, please email

Online Resources for Research, Writing, and Public Speaking

There are websites to help create bibliographical entries, such as Citation Machine; note that you will need to check the entries to make sure that they include all of the needed information in the correct format.