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CURA in the Library Book Club

This a co-curricular experience that satisfy the Cura Personalis 2 (CORE 2500) requirement for the Saint Louis University Undergraduate Core. 

Please note that each experience has a separate registration process conducted by the sponsoring department — students do not sign up for these using the traditional course catalog method. 

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After completion of the experience, sponsoring department submit the names of students who should receive credit toward their graduation requirements.

CURA in the Library Book Club is a newly created weekly experience (5 to 8 sessions) conceived as a space for students to be contemplative in action, that is, to reflect on their day-to-day life in conversation with a set of chosen books and with each other. The idea is to invite students to pause to consider the world around them and their place within it. 

The experience is guided by the Saint Louis University Madrid Library staff, and moderated by the student participants themselves. Space is limited to 10 participants.

If you would like to be included in the Cura in the Library experience offered in Fall, please write an e-mail to by July 1, with the subject line 'Cura in the Library'. In the email, please briefly explain a) why you are interested in participating in this experience and b) why you would be an effective member of this reading and contemplative group.

Contact: Sara Pérez
Sponsoring Department: SLU-Madrid Library (
Offered: Fall semester