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Co-curricular Cura Personalis 2 (CORE 2500) Self in Contemplation

Below are approved co-curricular experiences that satisfy the Cura Personalis 2 (CORE 2500) requirement for the Saint Louis University Undergraduate Core. Please note that each experience has a separate registration process conducted by the sponsoring department —  students do not sign up for these using the traditional course catalog method.  

After completion of the experience, sponsoring departments submit the names of students who should receive credit toward their graduation requirements. 

Departments may submit their programs for approval as a Cura Personalis 2 experience online here.


Campion Nights

Campion Nights are weekly events hosted by the Edmund Campion Society of the Catholic Studies Program at SLU. These nights include opportunities for the sacrament of reconciliation, the rosary, mass, dinner, a weekly speaker, personal reflection, and small group discussion. The Edmund Campion Society is a co-curricular group that complements the Catholic Studies major and minor, though students do not need to be studying Catholic Studies to be involved in the Campion Society and Campion Nights.  

Micah Program Community Nights (Open only to Micah Program Students)

The Micah Program Community Nights are one hour every Monday night that the university is in session where first-year students meet in small groups facilitated by upper-class Micah students. The purpose is for students to build a stronger community, reflect and discuss their Micah service, learn about social justice topics, and build their self-awareness and understanding of their fellow Micah members, as well as their role in the larger St. Louis community. Programming provides opportunities for reflection, analysis, relationship-building and personal growth. Topics center around the program pillars of service, community, interfaith, academics and leadership.  

Leadership Development / Training Opportunities

Mental Health First Aid Training 

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an 8-hour training program focused on teaching an individual to recognize early, worsening and crisis mental health symptoms and how to respond accordingly.

Policy Pods

Policy Pods are groups of about seven students who meet once a week to prepare for legislative advocacy meetings with elected officials.

Students look at bills and research the impacts of the bills, practice advocacy pitches, and meet with district legislators on topics such as immigration, criminal justice, health equity, education equity, environmental issues, etc.

Social Justice and Advocacy Training

The Social Justice and Advocacy Training consists of four hybrid workshops (in-person speakers and small group discussions/application as well as online prep work) that will be held during the spring semester.

This training looks at various tactics and strategies (using both an advocacy lens and a community-organizing lens) to utilize when working for social change. It is framed through a Jesuit lens and supports students in thinking about how to do long-term justice work in a healthy way while walking them through creating action plans for advocacy.


Fresh Look Retreat (First-Year Students Only)

Through community-building activities and story sharing, the Fresh Look Retreat provides you as a first-year SLU student a chance to take a fresh look at your life: who you have been and who God desires you to be in your future. Within this retreat community, you will also explore the concept of gratitude and the ways that you — through a variety of approaches to prayer — can encounter and converse with God in everyday life.

Connections Retreat

The Connections Retreat invites you into an exploration of how God is calling you into greater vulnerability, courage and authenticity in your relationships with your friends, family, romantic partners and yourself. Through small groups and reflection activities, you will have the opportunity to dive into the themes of identity, vulnerability, shame, loneliness, attraction, sexuality, boundaries and intimacy through a lens of faith.

Ignite Group Retreat

The Ignite Group Retreat offers an introduction/deepening to some of the key aspects of Ignatian Spirituality in a group setting. During the retreat, participants will be invited to explore the Ignatian pillars of prayer, discernment, reconciliation and “Finding God in All Things” through talks, large group activities, small group discussions and time for personal reflection.

Ignatian Silent Retreat

The Ignatian Silent Retreat offers an introduction to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola. During the retreat, you will be invited to explore the Ignatian style of prayer by reflecting inward and taking a closer look at your own individual experience of God through the use of imagination and scripture. You will meet individually with a spiritual director to reflect on and discuss your prayer experiences.

LGBTQ+ Retreat

This retreat is centered around the LGBTQ+ experience, particularly how LGBTQ+ identities interact with religion and spirituality. It is primarily for LGBTQ+-identifying and questioning students, but we welcome heterosexual, cisgender-identifying people who are engaged in accomplice/ally work with the LGBTQ+ community. The retreat will take the format of talks, small groups, solo time, reflections and activities.

Mission Meets the Market Retreat (Business Students Only)

The Mission Meets the Market Retreat is an Examen-structured retreat for students who are majoring in business to explore their vocation/calling as a business professional. Focusing on reflection of gratitude, experience and proceeding, the retreat experience includes speakers from the business community and/or vocation stories of current faculty and staff. 

Micah Program Spring Retreat (Micah Program Students Only)

The Micah Program Spring Retreat is a weekend-long retreat that all first-year Micah students are required to attend. The retreat talks, reflections, and activities all revolve around three of the five pillars of the program: community, service and social justice, and interfaith. The retreat is led by upperclassmen Micah students and Micah Program staff. 

DICE Student Staff Retreat (DICE Student Employees Only)

The DICE Student Staff Retreat is offered to student employees of the Center for Social Action and Division of Diversity and Innovative Community Engagement.

Success and Wellness

  • Blueprint for Success: Blueprint for Success is a free student success series designed to help first-time freshmen students develop effective strategies to maximize academic potential. As part of small groups of 12 students or fewer, students will be guided through sessions and activities to learn strategies for managing time, finding motivation and gaining confidence in academic abilities, wellness/self-care, and vocational discernment. All students will be enrolled in a Canvas course, where they can explore additional resources for success, complete out-of-group assignments, and instructors can track attendance. 

Opportunities at SLU-Madrid

CURA in the Library Book Club 

CURA in the Library Book Club is conceived as a space for students to be contemplative in action, that is, to reflect on their day-to-day life in conversation with a set of chosen books and with each other. The experience will be guided by the Saint Louis University Madrid Library staff, and moderated by the student participants themselves.

Ignatian Pilgrimage Retreat

The Ignatian Pilgrimage Retreat to Loyola traces the life of St. Ignatius, visiting his birthplace, family home, the hospital where he worked and — perhaps most notably — the spot where he converted to Catholicism and gave his life to God. During the three-day retreat, both visiting and permanent students of different faiths shared their thoughts and made new friends, all while learning about the rich history of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order.