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Blueprint for Success

Getting in to Saint Louis University is just the start. After beginning classwork, many students discover more obstacles to success than they anticipated. If you think you might benefit from support and accountability to change your current study habits, we're committed to help you improve your current grades.

Students working to improve their study skills

Blueprint for Success is a free student success series designed to help you develop effective strategies to maximize your academic potential. As part of a small group, you will be guided through five 75-minute sessions to unlock the mysteries of managing time, finding motivation and gaining confidence in your academic abilities. Throughout the series, you will have peers and a professional staff member for support.

Benefits of Blueprint for Success Groups 

In spring 2020, 100 first-year students registered for the Blueprint for Success groups. At the end of the semester, participants reported that their semester GPAs increased by nearly a full point.

Participants completed an end-of-program evaluation, and in addition to a boost in their GPA, they also reported that the groups helped them to:

  • Identify the available resources to help them achieve goals
  • Identify strategies to improve their study skills
  • Increase confidence in their ability to set and achieve goals

Most importantly, 100% of the students who completed the end-of-program evaluation reported that they could identify individuals in their lives who support their academic goals. Members of your Blueprint for Success group are a support for you as you navigate the spring semester.

Who Qualifies for Blueprint for Success Groups?

The Blueprint for Success groups are intentionally developed for first-year students who are seeking to improve their GPA throughout the spring semester. In some cases, your academic advisors or faculty mentors might encourage your participation. 

How to Register

Interested students should complete the provided registration form, which will ask for information about you and inquire about your availability to meet during the spring semester. The application will remain open until January 24, 2022, and students will learn of their assigned groups by January 31, 2022.

Based upon the availability you provide on the form, you will be assigned a group no later than January 25, 2022. Information will be shared with you via your SLU email account.

Blueprint for Success Registration Form

Session Schedule

Individuals will receive outreach from their facilitator at the end of January and should anticipate to start meeting in February. Meetings will continue through midterm exams. You will remain with the same group of students throughout the experience, which ensures a supportive environment to share your academic experiences.

For more information on benefits of participating, contact your academic advisor or the Student Success Coach, Emily Tuttle (