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Tutoring Courses Offered

Tutoring at Saint Louis University follows a cross-level peer tutoring model. The tutor, identified by their level of achievement from taking a particular course, is a SLU student who works with peers who have yet to complete the same course. 

Spring 2024 Tutoring Courses Offered


ACCT 2200: Financial Accounting
ACCT 2220: Accounting for Decision Making



ANAT 1000: Basic Human Anatomy
ANAT 4300: AHP Neurosciences



BIOL 1260: General Biology – Transformations of Energy and Matter
BIOL 3040: Cell Structure and Function


BST 3100: Applied Biostatistics I



CHEM 1030: Fundamentals of Chemistry
CHEM 1110: General Chemistry I
CHEM 1120: General Chemistry II
CHEM 1140: General Chemistry II for Majors
CHEM 1480: Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM 2410: Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2420: Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 2440: Organic Chemistry II for Majors


Department of Physical Therapy

DPT/EXSC/MAT 3230: Exercise Physiology
DPT 5222: Kinesiology II
DPT 5226: Therapeutic Exercise
DPT 5228: Basic Procedures
DPT 5251: Neurological Conditions I
DPT 5263: Musculoskeletal Conditions III
DPT 5271: Patient Management I



ECON 1900: Principles of Economics
ECON 3120: Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 3140: Intermediate Microeconomics



FIN 3010: Principles of Finance



FREN 1010: Communicating in French I
FREN 1020: Communicating in French II


Health Sciences
HSCI 3400: Anatomy and Physiology II



HIST 1110: Origins of the Modern World to 1500



MATH 0260: Intermediate Algebra
MATH 1200: College Algebra
MATH 1300X: Elementary Stats with Computers
MATH 1320: Survey of Calculus
MATH 1400: Pre-Calculus
MATH 1510: Calculus I
MATH 1520: Calculus II
MATH 2530: Calculus III


Mechanical Engineering
MENG 2100X: Statics


NEUR 3400: Introduction to Neuroscience I



NURS 1430: Human Growth and Development 
NURS 2510: Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
NURS 2520: Foundations for Nursing Care
NURS 2700: Evidence Based Nursing
NURS 3330: Pharmacotherapeutics for Nursing
NURS 3360: Pathophysiology
NURS 3370: Essentials of Therapeutic Nutrition
NURS 3430: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
NURS 3435: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing (Acc)
NURS 3440: Public Health Nursing
NURS 3460: Nursing Care of the Adult
NURS 3470: Nursing Care of the Older Adult
NURS 3480: Maternal/Neonatal Nursing
NURS 3485: Maternal/Neonatal Nursing (Acc)
NURS 3490: Child Health Nursing
NURS 3495: Child Health Nursing (Acc)


Operations Management
OPM 2070: Introduction to Business Statistics



PHIL 2050: Ethics
PHIL 2055: Ethics, Justice, and the Person (SPS)



PHYS 1240: General Physics II
PHYS 1330: College Physics II
PHYS 1610: University Physics I
PHYS 1630: University Physics II



PSY 1010: General Psychology
PSY 2050: Foundations of Research Methods & Statistics
PSY 3460: Abnormal Psychology


Public Health

PUBH 2100: Introduction to Global Health


SOC 1110: Introduction to Sociology



SPAN 1010: Spanish for Beginners
SPAN 1020: Exploring the Hispanic World
SPAN 2010: Connecting with the Hispanic World
SPAN 3010: Written Communication
SPAN 3020: Eloquent Communication in Spanish
SPAN 3030: Refining Spanish Expression 


Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

SLHS 1000: Intro to Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
SLHS 2200: Anat & Phys of Speech Mechanism
SLHS 4150: Survey of Speech and Language Disorders



STAT 1100: Introduction to Statistics
STAT 1300: Elementary Statistics with Computers


For questions about tutoring, contact the coordinator of academic support, Melissa Burgess, at