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Writing Resources for Instructors

Saint Louis University Writing Services considers faculty members, graduate assistants, staff and student groups our partners in fostering a lively culture of writing on campus. Through referrals, workshops, writing group facilitation and in-class assistance, we can tailor our services to your course's specific needs.


If you instruct a course that incorporates writing skills, your students will benefit from a visit with our consultants. We offers free, individualized writing help for any Saint Louis University undergraduate or graduate student by appointment. They can book a consultation by using SLU Appointments, located in the tools tab of the mySLU portal.

In-Class Visits and Workshops

We also encourage instructors to schedule us for an informational visit or a writing workshop. 

Options for Fall 2020 Writing Workshops

Submit a Visit or Workshop Request

Informational Visits

Informational visits are a 10 to 15 minute review of our services. We'll stop by your class and explain how we can help them strengthen their writing. If you expect your students to visit University Writing Services, we prefer to give this brief introduction first, so they know how to prepare for their session ahead of time.


Workshops are formal presentations meant to help students develop different writing strategies. The current workshop options include:

  • APA Formatting and Documentation
  • MLA Formatting and Documentation
  • Orientation for New Graduate Students
  • Plagiarism, Paraphrase, Quotation and Summary
  • Productive Peer Review
  • Reflective Writing
  • Thesis Statements

In-Class Assistance for Instructors

Invite a writing consultant into your classroom to act as an additional facilitator during class. The consultant can address writing concerns with students working individually or in small groups.

Download the Writing Group Starter Kit

Teaching Resources

For more specific information about writing pedagogy and how you can use writing to enhance learning in your classroom, contact the Saint Louis University Reinert Center for Transformative Teaching. They invite all full time, part time, and adjunct instructors to schedule a meeting to discuss and receive feedback about how to design writing assignments and respond to student writing.

Informational Materials

The majority of the students who visit us say they first heard about University Writing Services from their instructors. We rely on you to invite us into your classes,  list our services in your syllabi, and to talk about our support services during class.

Contact Alexander Ocasio (, coordinator of Academic Support, if you would like to receive handouts, writing guides, or promotional brochures.