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Responding to a Historic Flood

July 27, 2022

The historic floods that hit the St. Louis area this week have affected many in our community. Homes and property have been damaged, some to a devastating extent. If you have not been directly affected, you may be supporting friends, neighbors, and loved ones who were. 

Recovering from a flood like this one will take time and resources, and may cause significant stress. Being present for and with your loved ones and neighbors can be especially important. 

Therefore, we are giving this Friday, July 29, as an additional paid day off. The University will be closed, except for essential business. This time off is intended to help you manage the aftermath of the flooding in your own life, or support your friends, family, or neighbors who are doing the same. We hope this gift of time offers you a bit of relief and respite, as the community regroups and recovers. 

Essential employees and those who must work Friday because of activities essential to accomplish this week will need to report to work on Friday. Your supervisor will let you know if you fall in this category. Please consult with your supervisor to determine when you can take this extra paid day. We value your work, and we hope you can use this day at a time that is beneficial to you.

Community organizations are offering support to those affected by flooding, and seeking volunteers. You can find a list of those here. Please also remember that EAP resources are available, offering confidential counseling to SLU employees and families as we cope with times of stress. 

The SLU community is inspiring in its resilience. Let us continue to offer one another care and support. May God bless and watch over each of you.

Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D.