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Culture of Respect at SLU

Culture of Respect CollectiveSaint Louis University is a member of the third Cohort of National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA)’s Culture of Respect Initiative, which will conclude in December 2020.

Culture of Respect is an ambitious two-year program that brings institutions together who are dedicated to ending campus sexual violence.

The program employs expert-developed public health framework, cross-campus collaboration, and peer-led learning to make meaningful programmatic and policy changes. It also utilizes rigorous process of self-assessment and targeted organizational change through the creation of an Individualized Implementation Plan (IIP). 

Why is SLU participating in the Culture of Respect?

SLU is committed to preventing any form of sexual harassment or sexual violence in our community. As a Jesuit institution, SLU cares for the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Sexual harassment or violence can impact the learning and living community of a student.

The Culture of Respect will aid SLU in continuing to support all students, from every background and identity, and strengthening our prevention strategies, response efforts, and culture of inclusion on campus.

Who is a member of the Campus Leadership Team?

A Campus Leadership Team was formed that is comprised of students, faculty, and staff from diverse areas and departments on campus, with the following tasks:

  • Participate in the self-assessment process by taking the CORE evaluation.
  • Review feedback from the CORE evaluation.
  • Create SMART goals in response to the feedback and results of the CORE evaluation.

Team Members

Public Disclosure

  • Tyler DeShon (Chair)
  • Brieanna Criscione
  • Michael Parkinson
  • Danielle Uy
  • Sheila Hatcher
  • Colleen Watson

Survivor Support 

  • Therese Jacques (Chair)
  • Andrew Erdmann
  • Renee Jonas
  • Alison Bradley
  • Kathy Howard
  • Penny Weiss
  • Molly Schaller
  • Shanaya Shah

Multi-Tiered Education

  • Jackie Weber (Chair)
  • Cynthia Enghauser
  • Donna Bess Myers
  • Kim Sahr
  • Abby Lawrence
  • Janet Oberle
  • Shannon Groark

Campus Self-Assessment

  • John Janulis (Chair)
  • Jack Schneider
  • Lauren Mershon

Schoolwide Mobilization

  • Jodi Seals (Chair)
  • Kelly Herbolich
  • Emily Tuttle
  • Kendra Johnston
  • Emily Corey
  • James Meinert
  • Sophia Izhar

Clear Policies

  • Shannon Morse (Chair)
  • Richard Marks
  • Brian Earll
  • Michelle Lewis
What is SLU’s Individualized Implementation Plan?

The Campus Leadership Team divided into sub-committees focused on the six pillars of the Culture of Respect Program:

  • Schoolwide Mobilization
  • Multi-tiered Education
  • Survivor Support
  • Public Disclosure
  • Campus Self-Assessment
  • Clear Policies

Each committee created SMART goals designed to strengthen the efforts within their pillar. SLU has a total of 31 goals that address the areas that each committee feels will strengthen SLU’s prevention and response to sexual violence on campus.

SLU’s Individualized Implementation Plan can be found here.

How to Get Involved or Ask Questions?

If you would like to be involved in the implementation of the goals found in SLU’s Individualized Implementation Plan or would simply like more information about the Title IX prevention efforts on campus and ways to get involved, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Anna Kratky, at 314-977-3886 or


The two year Culture of Respect program concluded with the Campus Leadership Team re-taking the self-evaluation that was first taken in March of 2019. SLU’s Final Report and Results demonstrate the strengthening of our community’s prevention efforts and response to sexual and dating violence. While there are still challenges and work to do, these results reflect the dedication that our community has to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all on our campus.

See SLU's Culture of Respect Final Report

See SLU's Culture of Respect Results

SLU's Culture of Respect Results at a Glance

Goal Points Available Original Score Points Earned Endpoint Score
Survivor Support 291 183 38 221
Clear Policies 145 111 4 115
Multitiered Education 168 95 28 123
Public Disclosure 92 44 9 53
Schoolwide Mobilization 85 47 9 56
Ongoing Self-assessment 41 21 4 25
Total 822 501 92 593