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Department of Biology

The Department of Biology at Saint Louis University explores the dynamic science with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the processes of living organisms.

Students at Microscopes

Biologists search for answers to current problems and ways to avoid future dilemmas. Specialized fields of biology, such as botany, zoology and molecular biology have made key contributions to the health and welfare of the world's population.

At Saint Louis University, students have the opportunity to study biology beyond the limits of the classroom.

The Department of Biology owns and operates the Reis Biological Field Station for research and teaching, providing unique opportunities for students to explore ecology and conservation biology. Students find additional opportunities for research and hands-on experimentation at locations throughout St. Louis, including the Saint Louis Zoo and the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Biology Degrees at SLU

The department also participates in the neuroscience and bioinformatics and computational biology interdisciplinary programs at SLU.

Departmental Staff

Kara Warren
Administrative Assistant, Purchasing

Elizabeth Bardon Angeli
Upper Division Lab Coordinator

Sara Bauman
Grant Development Specialist

Tim Dooley
General Biology Lab Coordinator

Genevieve Hilliard
Senior Lab Assistant

Jack Drexl
Administrative Assistant