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Saint Louis University's travel program and its related policies exist for the greater benefit of all SLU travelers and the University in partnership. It applies to all faculty, staff, residents and graduate students.

Covid-19 Update: Concur expense report processing continues uninterrupted at this time. The process for travel cancellations for airfare and hotel remain the same:

  • For airfare cancellations, contact TravelPlex 569-1900 or contact the airline directly if you do not need TravelPlex to assist.
  • For hotel cancellations, the traveler must contact the hotel directly.

The program provides numerous benefits to our travelers while ensuring we remain good stewards of the University's assets. Participation by all University users ensures the success of the program for all.

Concur Travel and Expense provide the University's online booking and employee reimbursement tools, and TravelPlex travel agency is our dedicated travel management company.

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Call the TravelPlex office directly at 314-569-1900 when booking group travel (ten or more reservations) or 314-569-1900 for international travel for the possibility of additional or cheaper airfares and more travel options. If a TravelPlex agent books a new reservation for you, you will be assessed a premium fee.

Travel on behalf of the University and travel reimbursement follows the University's Travel and Entertainment Policy and related procedures.

Steps to Take When Traveling

  1. Consult your department travel approver regarding your trip, if applicable. Obtain a trip number by going to the Workday homepage, clicking the Requests icon, then Request Type: Trip ID.
  2. Book your travel reservations in Concur. Concur can be accessed through the mySLU "Tools" tab.
  3. Submit a Concur expense report for any expenses incurred before the trip.
  4. Submit a Concur expense report to account for any remaining expenses, once your trip has concluded.

Travel FAQs

What is a trip number and how do I get one?

Trip numbers can be accessed through the Trip Menu under the Tools tab. If you forget your trip number, you can find it under the "Review My Trips" menu under the Tools tab in Banner. It is used to record and reconcile travel expenses and must be assigned prior to booking or reserving travel in Concur or through the TravelPlex office.

Trip numbers can be accessed through the Trip Menu under the Tools tab. If you forget your trip number, you can find it under the "Review My Trips" menu under the Tools tab in Banner.

Who must book their travel through Concur?
 All University faculty and staff book their reimbursable travel through Concur. For students and guests of the University, departments have the choice to either book reimbursable travel with Concur or have these individuals make their own travel arrangements and then subsequently reimburse them. 
Should airfare, hotels and rental cars be booked through Concur?

Yes. If you are attending a conference with a block discounted hotel rate offered, however, the conference hotel can be booked outside of Concur at the discounted conference rate or any hotel up to the lowest published conference hotel rate.

Specific air, car and hotel rates are pre-programmed in Concur and will automatically present themselves when applicable to your travel plans.

What are the benefits of Concur?

There are many excellent reasons why it makes sense for you to book through Concur, here are a few:

  • 24-hour customer service for our travelers through our travel management company, TravelPlex.
  • Door-to-door business travel accident insurance provided by American Express.
  • Baggage insurance coverage provided by American Express.
  • Trackability for the safety of our travelers. Booking through Concur can allow for duty of care assistance when needed.
  • Ticket exchange options when travel plans change or are canceled.
  • University accrual of airfare points that are allocated, by departmental use, back to the departments for their travelers to get free airfare tickets.
  • No hidden fees that travelers may be unaware of on outside booking sites. 
Can I book international travel in Concur?
 Yes, but the traveler should contact Joan Tarrant at TravelPlex 314-569-1900 for the possibility of additional, or cheaper airfares and travel options which may not be visible in Concur. If a less expensive option is offered for a suitable itinerary, the traveler should book through Tarrant at TravelPlex.
Can I book a trip for my spouse or traveling companion in Concur?

No. Concur is for reimbursable business travel expenses only.

Does the travel policy apply if my travel is funded by a grant or sponsored program?

Yes. Travel policy and procedures apply regardless of the source of funds supporting the travel and business expenses.

Does the University pay a different fee for travel booked through the TravelPlex as opposed to Concur?
Yes. Travel booked online through Concur is $7 and through TravelPlex via phone is $22 Domestic or $32 International. 
What happens if I make a reservation late on a Friday afternoon or over the weekend?

Reservations cannot be ticketed without the required pre-approval. Special consideration should be taken when booking travel on weekends, holidays or after normal business hours when your approver may not be available to approve your request. Communicate with your unit's travel class approver to confirm in advance.

How is my airfare paid?

All airfare is automatically pre-paid for you on the University's Business Travel Account (BTA). The BTA is built into your Concur profile as the appropriate payment method for airfare.

Are cash advances and pre-paid travel expenses allowed?

No, generally pre-payments are not allowed. Students may be eligible for pre-payments.  Medical Center Finance and Financial Commitment determines when pre-payment can be made.

How do I find the current per diem rates for lodging and meals?

Per diem rates can be found on the United States Department of Defense webpage and is also on the hotel-booking page in Concur.

What is the maximum reimbursable amount for non-conference related lodging?

The maximum SLU hotel per diem amount is equal to the actual U.S. government lodging per diem rate for the locality, plus an additional 20 percent.  The information is automatically populated for you in Concur.

Are receipts required for all reimbursement amounts?

No. Amounts less than $50 do not require a receipt to be submitted for reimbursement.

What is an acceptable receipt for reimbursement?

An itemized bill, personal credit card receipt, cash register receipt or an American Express statement.

Will long-term parking at Lambert Airport be reimbursed? 

Long-term parking at St. Louis Lambert Airport will be reimbursed with no limit on daily parking reimbursement. SKYPARK is the University's preferred airport parking vendor.

SKYPARK Airport Parking
4500 Crestshire Lane
St. Ann, MO 63074

Does SLU have a preferred airport parking vendor?

SKYPARK Airport Parking
4500 Crestshire Lane
St. Ann, MO 63074

The SLU daily parking rate is $7. To obtain the preferred rates, present University ID or business card at exit. Travelers may choose to park at a lot other than one of the University's preferred vendors. 

When I rent a car in the United States should I take the insurance option?
No. The University is self-insured. Please do no accept additional insurance offers at the counter. Additional insurance coverage is not a reimbursable expense. 
Can I rent a car outside the United States?
 Rental of vehicles in a foreign country is discouraged per the University's Risk Management office.  However, the University recognizes that there may be times when public transportation is unavailable or not feasible.  Any foreign rental must be pre-approved by Risk Management.