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Thursday, 04 February, 2021

Neuro@NoonByZoom, the interdisciplinary Neuroscience Journal Club at Saint Louis University will be held on Feb. 4 via Zoom. 

Dr. Whitney Anne Postman will discuss brain regions that are associated with speech disorders based on an article entitled “Motor Speech Phenotypes of Frontotemporal Dementia, Primary Progressive Aphasia, and Progressive Apraxia of Speech,” published in the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research.” 

Patients with progressive brain disease exhibit similar speech impairments, including difficulties in making coordinating movements (apraxia) during speech (choosing words and putting them together in the correct order) and/or having weak or spastic throat muscles (e.g. tongue and larynx) resulting from brain dysfunction (dysarthria). Dr. Postman will discuss these speech abnormalities, how they are measured, and which human neurodegenerations are associated with these speech disorders.

Neuro@Noon is affiliated with the Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience.