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Thursday, 01 October, 2020

Neuro@NoonByZoom, the interdisciplinary Neuroscience Journal Club at Saint Louis University will be on Thursday, Oct. 1.

Yuna Ayala, Ph.D., will present a recent article published in Science Translational Medicine about protein clumping in postmortem human brain tissue and comparable mice models. The humans were afflicted with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontotemporal dementia (FTD), two neurodegenerative disorders that exhibit aggregates of the protein TDP-43 in the cytoplasm of neurons. The authors described experiments in which aggregates of TDP-43 formed in mice brain neurons in vitro and in vivo. Specific antisense oligonucleotides reduced this aggregate formation, suggested a possible treatment for these neurodegenerative diseases.

The paper is “C9orf72 poly(GR) aggregation induces TDP-43 proteinopathy.”

Neuro@NoonByZoom is affiliated with the Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience.