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‘Exorcism at SLU: Women Involved in the St Louis Exorcism of 1949, and Exorcising Your Professional Obstructions’

Thursday, 27 October, 2016

Just in time for Halloween, the Women’s Commission invites SLU women to an event that is "both frightening and inspiring" at noon on Thursday, Oct. 27, in Boileau Hall. Participants can earn 35 Vitality points for attending.

First, resident exorcism expert John Waide will recount the Exorcism of 1949 when two SLU Jesuits responded to a young man named Robbie who they believed was possessed by demons.

Waide will place a particular emphasis on the women involved in the exorcism, including Robbie's "Aunt Harriet" who supposedly introduced him to the Ouija board and whose death marked the beginning of the strange events that befell Robbie and Robbie's female cousin who was a student at SLU and was responsible for getting the St. Louis Jesuits involved.

Next, public speaker Lori Mannel will provide tips in how to overcome obstacles in your professional lives. These techniques will include:

  • - working with people who see the world differently
  • - “paper cuts on the heart,” dealing with small and large offenses
  • - impact of bitterness/power of forgiveness
  • - resolving vs. managing tension

Feel free to bring a lunch. Light refreshments will be provided.

RSVP for the event here.