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Thursday, 04 March, 2021

Neuro@Noon, the interdisciplinary Neuroscience Journal Club at Saint Louis University will be presented in March by Dr. Timothy Doyle with his discussion of a recent Nature paper entitled “Astrocytes phagocytose adult hippocampal synapses for circuit homeostasis.”  

That article reports that the brain’s astrocytes, not microglia, selectively remove excitatory synapses by phagocytosis. Furthermore, the authors suggest that the gene MEGF10 expressed in astrocytes is necessary for astrocytic phagocytosis as well as the long-term strength of excitatory synapses, a possible correlate of a mouse’s recognition of novel objects in a novel location within their environment.

Neuro@Noon is affiliated with the Henry and Amelia Nasrallah Center for Neuroscience.