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Virtual Event: Seeing Other People Concept Album: World Premiere Event

Saturday, 01 May, 2021

Saint Louis University Theatre students will record an original cast album of a brand new musical theatre work created by visiting artist composer Colin Healy expressly for and in collaboration with SLU student and faculty artists.   

"Seeing Other People" is the story of Charlie and Ruth, a young couple aloft in the world of high art. It follows a surreal and disorienting path through the psyches of the young couple as they navigate a tragic event that leaves their world unrecognizable in the most literal sense. Penned by Colin Healy, and directed by Stephanie Tennill, the album will premiere for download on Saturday, May 1,  and be available on streaming services late May.

The World Premiere will take place Saturday, May 1, 8 p.m. on Youtube Live.

Immediately following the event will be a Zoom Webinar Q&A session the creative team and cast.  Both the Premiere and Q&A are free to attend. 

To register, visit