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Billiken BEAMS

Saturday, 25 February, 2023

Saint Louis University’s Building Engineering Awareness in Metro Saint Louis Schools Competition, or Billiken BEAMS, is a group-based project opportunity in which students compete in teams to design and build road-based bridges out of balsa wood.

Billiken BEAMS is hosted by SLU's student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers and Saint Louis University. It is open to high school students in the metropolitan St. Louis area.

The object of the competition is to see who can design, construct and test the most efficient road bridge. Efficiency is calculated as the load supported in pounds divided by the weight of the bridge in pounds.

Teams design a bridge to meet the competition specifications and create a computer model of the bridge with the help of civil engineering faculty and students. The materials to construct the bridge are provided to the teams after registration. The teams then have until the bridge drop-off date to construct the bridge.

For more information, visit here.