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Sexism in STEM

Wednesday, 22 March, 2023

The fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (also known as STEM) are at the forefront of our ever-changing world and society. From the newest and latest technologies to emerging discoveries in medicine and science, STEM has shown to be an essential asset to our daily lives. However, when looking at the makeup of the fields, studies have shown the disproportionate rate of gender equality. For a field to be defined by progress, sexism still persists and plagues the field. 

 “Stereotypes, along with lack of opportunity due to gender, race, and class, may explain why girls enter STEM fields at alarmingly lower rates than boys” (All Together, 2021).

 This panel discussion will explore the lived experiences of people who have, or are currently still dealing with sexism within STEM. Most importantly, examine the panelist drive to persist in the field despite, and gain tools to combat sexism with STEM.