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The Richard J. Childress Memorial Lecture

Friday, 27 October, 2023

Progressive Constitutionalism and its Libertarian Discontents: the Case of LGBTQ Rights

Keynote Speaker: Professor Carlos Ball

Distinguished Professor of Law and Judge Frederick Lacey Scholar, Rutgers Law School

This year’s Childress Lecture, led by Professor Carlos Ball, will explore the ways in which libertarian political morality and constitutionalism create a double-edged sword for progressives. On the one hand, libertarian principles have helped advance some progressive objectives inside and outside of the courts, including several related to LGBTQ rights. On the other hand, abiding by those principles as a matter of constitutional law has served to jeopardize a slew of broader progressive objectives. The program will also explore LGBTQ+ rights and constitutional theory, the connection between LGBTQ+ rights and the First Amendment, and transgender rights.

5.4 MO CLE Credits Available

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