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'It’s Mutual! Jesuit Spiritual Direction of Women, 1540-1773'

Friday, 03 February, 2017

The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies will present the Spring 2017 National Endowment for the Humanities Lecture at 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 3, in Room 142 of Adorjan Hall.

Jill Raitt, Ph.D., professor emeritus from the University of Missouri, will present "It’s Mutual! Jesuit Spiritual Direction of Women, 1540-1773."

Mutual? Women influenced Jesuit spiritual direction? Yes, a number of them did. Raitt, looks at eight Jesuits and the women they directed, beginning with Ignatius himself and then seven more: the Italian Achille Gagliardi (1537-1607) and La Dama Milanese, the Spaniard Luis de la Puente (1554-1624) and Marina Escobar, the English John Gerard (1564-1637) and Mary Ward, the German Friedrich von Langenfeld Spee (1591-1635) and condemned witches, the French Jean-Joseph Surin (1600-1665) and Jeanne des Anges, the Portuguese Antonio Vieira (1608-1697) and the Mexican Sor Juana de la Cruz, and finally the French Jean-Pierre de Caussade (1675-1751) and Marie -Thèrése de Vioménil.

The lecture is sponsored by SLU’s Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studiesand the National Endowment for the Humanities.  Matthew Parker