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DeLubac Lecture: 'Christ, Creator and Creature'

Tuesday, 07 March, 2017

The Department of Theological Studies will host the 20th Annual DeLubac Lecture at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 7, at the Center for Global Citizenship.

Guest speaker, Dr. Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, will present “Christ, Creator and Creature: Reflections on Christology and the Nature of Created Being.”

About the DeLubac Lecture
Henri de Lubac always refused to accept the idea of a fixed gulf between the natural and the supernatural, and his thought consistently stresses that divine and human are not in some kind of zero-sum relation.  Other theologians, from the Anglican Austin Farrer to de Lubac’s fellow-Jesuit, Erich Przywara, have said the same and have connected this to the central truth of the Incarnation. 

An aim of the lecture is to suggest how we might explore a little further this connection between what we say about Christ and what we say about God’s relation to finite existence with the hope of showing that our theology of Christ is deeply intertwined with what we say in every other area of our Christian thinking and acting.