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Center for Supply Chain Management Distinguished Guest Speaker: Scott Kiefer

Thursday, 20 April, 2017

Join the John Cook School of Business, the Center for Supply Chain Management, and St. Louis Scott - NDTA Thursday, April 20, for the Annual Distinguished Guest Speaker Series with keynote speaker Scott Kiefer, partner and vice president of the Oliver Group.

Lunch will be served at 11 a.m. with the presentation entitled “Keeping Your Leadership Pipeline Flowing” to follow. The event will be held in the ballroom at St. Francis Xavier (College) Church.

There are leadership pools and leadership pipelines and both need attention to create a talent factory producing a steady stream of current and future leaders. Our distinguished speaker has a diverse professional background in the military, higher education and global business from which to draw on. He will share a framework for selecting and developing talent from supervisors to CEOs and provide insights on how not to clog the pipeline.

About the Speaker: Scott Kiefer is a partner with Oliver Group, a national management consulting firm providing leadership solutions to a wide variety of businesses. He consults on executive and management levels to create performance improvement strategies that fundamentally change how leaders run their businesses. Kiefer is a speaker and executive advisor with a dynamic, energetic style. He also serves as trusted personal advisor to CEOs and Boards, helping them navigate personal and professional challenges.

Kiefer is also a partner in the Leadership Pipeline Institute (U.S.), a global provider of evaluation systems, development programs and succession planning for leaders of all levels based upon the concepts of the popular business book, “The Leadership Pipeline.”

Prior to joining Oliver Group, Kiefer spent 10 years as an Army Infantry Officer, including assignments in the Cold War capital of Berlin, Germany. While in the Army, he served with a number of today’s senior military leaders, led soldiers as an Infantry Company Commander and served as an instructor and evaluator of new Army officers before leaving active duty.

After the military, he led business teams at Frito-Lay and ExxonMobil with the same energy, drive and passion as in the military. His first role after leading soldiers was to lead the manufacturing operations at the Louisville, Kentucky, production facility.  In 2000, Kiefer moved from Frito-Lay to ExxonMobil and only two years after joining ExxonMobil, he was leading the supply chain organization for a Japanese-U.S. joint venture for petrochemical products to the U.S. automotive industry,

Kiefer earned his undergraduate degree from James Madison University in Virginia and an M.B.A. from the University of Louisville with a focus in entrepreneurship. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School, the most challenging combat leadership course in the military.