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Thursday, 04 May, 2017

Neuro@Noon, SLU's Neuroscience Journal Club, will mee at noon, May 4, in the Department of Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences large conference roo, Schwitalla Hall. The conference room is located in the southwest corner of the third floor, M360.

Susan Farr, Ph.D., will discuss "Moderate traumatic brain injury increases the vulnerability to neurotoxicity induced by systemic administration of 6-hydroxydopamine in mice." The article recently appeared in Brain Research. A mouse model of traumatic brain injury (TBI) suggests that TBI increases the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, thus permitting higher concentrations of an ingested neurotoxin to reach the brain and to cause greater neurological behavioral deficits.

Neuroscientists throughout the University are invited to attend this interdepartmental club, which is affiliated with the Center for Neuroscience of Saint Louis University.