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Thursday, 01 February, 2018

Neuro@Noon, SLU's Neuroscience Journal Club, will meet on Thursday, Feb.1 at noon in the large Pharmacology and Physiology conference room M360, Schwitalla Hall.

Mark Voigt, Ph.D., will speak about a 2018 paper in Cell Reports, “Cellular Senescence Is Induced by the Environmental Neurotoxin Paraquat and Contributes to Neuropathology Linked to Parkinson’s Disease.”

The vast majority of Parkinson’s disease (PD) cases are sporadic, rather than inherited, and may be caused by environmental factors. One such factor may be the herbicide Paraquat. The data suggests that Paraquat led some non-neuronal cells in the brain to age and thereby secrete pro-inflammatory factors " capable of damaging nearby neurons. Depleting these aged cells from the mouse brain prevented the degeneration of the neurons.

Neuroscientists throughout Saint Louis University are invited to this interdepartmental journal club, affiliated with the Center for Neuroscience of Saint Louis University.