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Women's and Gender Studies Brown Bag

Wednesday, 21 September, 2016

The Women's and Gender Studies Brown Bag Lunch Series will host Amber Johnson, Ph.D., from noon to 1 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 21, in McGannon Hall, Room 144.

She will present "Performing Black Imagination: Trans*Identity and Black Girl Magic as Embodied Afrofuturism."

Everyone is welcome and invited to bring their lunches. Refreshments will be provided.

About the talk:
"Black cis-girls and trans*feminine bodies carry the weight of the world’s oppression in their skin, hair, feet, arms, eyes, spirit, soul and breath. Their mere existence is an act of invisible labor. They struggle to love themselves, care for themselves and care for the world that does not care for them. If loving themselves is a constant struggle, then imaging the body into the future is an even larger one.

As a scholar/artist/activist invested in identity negotiation and the creation of future, Johnson finds solace in artistically creating that which they have yet to find the words for. This project was birthed out of a need to talk about the invisible labor involved in just being in their body as a gender-non-conforming, sometimes femme, sometimes not, human, but also the invisible labor they witness their trans* and gender non-conforming friends struggling through in their everyday lives of explaining, exploring, and owning their identities.

Johnson’s talk explores afrofuturism and 'black girl magic' as antidotes to the canonical exception and hyperinvisiblity bequeathed upon the body that make imagining futures a revolutionary act. Their talk will explore art work, photography and digital renderings that illustrate black girl magic, afrofuturism and transfuturism."