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Putin's Russia: Past, Present, and Future

Monday, 01 April, 2019

Ellen Carnaghan, professor of political science, Zdenko Mandusic, assistant professor, Russian Division, languages, literatures, and cultures, and Daniel Schlafly, profesor of history, will discuss Putin's Russia, past, present, and future from the perspective of three different disciplines. Russia and its longtime leader play a crucial role in the world, and it is important to understand how and why policies have been formulated and what their impact is.

The US is home to many migrants from the former Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation now is home to many migrants from other parts of the former Soviet Union (Moscow has the largest Muslim population of any city in Europe). Abroad, Russia plays a major role, not only in neighboring countries such as Ukraine but also in Syria and other countries in the Middle East. Migration in these countries cannot be understood without understanding Russia's role.

The event will be in Adorjan Room 142.