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Fossil Fuel Divestment and The Jesuit Mission

Tuesday, 02 April, 2019

Colleges and Universities across the United States are experiencing growing pressure and organization from their students calling for the divestment of their institutional endowments from companies that promote fossil fuels and nonrenewable energy. The belief is that as we see more institutions investing in ethical and socially responsible companies, the narrative regarding the importance of preserving our environment for the future might start to shift. The time for “impact investing” has long passed, as oil and companies dealing with nonrenewable energies have proven time and time again that their goal is profit, regardless of the impact it has on the planet.

We hope to spark a conversation regarding Saint Louis University’s investment in fossil fuels, and how it contradicts the mission of the University. How is investment in fossil fuels linked to climate change? Can an institution still identify as Jesuit if it is invested in organizations that seek to deplete the earth of all of its natural resources with no regard for negative side effects? Can SLU still see the same returns on investment without an investment in fossil fuels? All of these questions, amongst many more, will be discussed in our presentation.

The event will be in the Busch Student Center Room 251B.