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Film and Culture: Migration and Immigration in the Americas

Thursday, 04 April, 2019

Domestic politics in the United States has focused intensely on issues of migration and immigration for some time, and yet today we find that these issues have become a central dividing line in the political debates and partisan conflicts that shape our public discourse. While heated rhetoric, especially from those who misunderstand and fear immigration from Mexico, Central and South America, has become increasing toxic, many dedicated journalists, documentarians, have made increasing heroic efforts to bring factual information and accurate personal narratives into the public eye so that the immigration policy debates might deal with the actual situations and not the imagined conflicts that so often cloud the issues. This panel will provide a forum for scholars from several disciplines and cultural perspectives to explore the contrasts between the actual circumstances of immigration and the often hyperbolic political critiques that inform the popular imagination. The panel will consist of several presenters, each taking about ten minutes, and then followed by discussion led by a moderator. 

The event will be in the Busch Student Center Room 251B.