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Film and Culture Round Table I -- Migration and Immigration in Europe and Africa

Monday, 01 April, 2019

Migration and Immigration within Europe and Africa (as well as from Africa to Europe) have become the focus of much attention in the past two decades, as both traditional international tensions and new conflicts both within and between nations have put increasing pressure on various populations, leading them to see refuge, asylum, or just opportunity in nations (and sometimes on continents) different from their own. Filmmakers of both documentaries and feature fictional films have, along with journalists and other writers, have attempted to raise awareness about the numerous difficulties and humanitarian crises that have emerged that have motivated such migrations and that have also resulted from those same migrations. This panel will allow scholars from several cultural and disciplinary perspectives to examine how film and other forms of representation have brought these international crises to light. The panel will consist of several presenters, each taking about ten minutes, and then followed by discussion led by a moderator.

This event will take place in BSC 251A.