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Women's and Gender Studies Brown Bag

Wednesday, 03 April, 2019

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies will hold a brown bag from 4:30  to 5:30  p.m. on Wednesday, April 3, in Room 144, McGannon Hall.

Wynne Moskop, Ph.D., of the Department of Political Science, will present, “Jane Addams’s Approach to Justice in Unequal Relations.”

Moskop will discuss Jane Addams, co-founder of Chicago’s Hull House settlement and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and how she described the relationship between philanthropist and beneficiary in the Progressive Era industrial world as the one of the most "incredibly painful difficulties" that settlement house residents confronted. Although Addams insisted that Hull House was not a charity with philanthropic aspirations, its residents nonetheless had to confront the hierarchical class division that charitable organizations do. Somehow the “two classes” must be brought to a shared purpose that transforms their unequal socio-economic relation into a more egalitarian relation. The puzzle was, and still is, how?

Given rampant inequality of power and resources in the U.S. and transnationally, how justice can operate in unequal relations is a pressing question. Yet, it is neglected by modern democratic thinkers that associate reciprocity and justice only with equal relations, such as legal relations among ostensibly equal democratic citizens. Moskop draws on Addams’s experiential accounts of political friendships among unequal class, ethnic, and racial groups in the immigrant neighborhood around Hull House, and in the women’s international peace movement to outline a process for achieving reciprocity and justice in unequal relations.

Each semester the department sponsors a brown bag lunch series at which speakers present their research and engage the audience in discussion about the topic. The topics vary, as do the disciplines of the speakers and the points of view they represent. These informal settings provide opportunities to learn about the range of Women's and Gender Studies scholarship and to meet students and faculty with similar interests.

Participants are encouraged to bring their lunches.

Drinks and snacks are provided.