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Opus Prize: Panel Discussion with the Award Finalists

Tuesday, 19 November, 2019

The SLU community and public will have an opportunity to learn about the work of the three finalists for the 2019 Opus Prize at a panel discussion at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 19, in the Cook Auditorium, Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business.

The finalists include:

Michael Fernandez-Frey, founder and director of Caras con Causa (Faces with a Cause) - Caras con Causa is a non-governmental organization serving economically poor families in communities bordering the Bay of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Caras con Causa is committed to children's education, restoring the wetlands after the hurricane, and organizing communities to protect themselves against the destruction of their homes by the government.

Sr. Catherine Mutindi, founder of Bon Pasteur - Sr. Catherine started the organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo after being invited by the local bishop to come to the city of Kolwezi to work with widows and orphans. Bon Pasteur addresses alternative livelihoods to mining, including farming; gender violence and the physical abuse of children; child protection policies and schooling for children; and civic strengthening given the "gold rush" environment of the mining entities.

Brother Charles Nuwagaba, Provincial Vicar of the Bannakaroli Brothers of St. Charles Lwanga - Brother Charles oversees a primary school and vocational education program run by the Brothers of Charles Lwanga on the edge of the Kibera slum, the largest slum in Africa. The primary school currently enrolls 280 students and 260 young people, including teenage mothers who are enrolled in vocational programs. The vocational programs are an effective strategy in alleviating poverty and include programs in motor vehicle maintenance, hairdressing and beauty, hospitality, computer technology and more.

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