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Reinert Center Publications

In addition to web-based teaching resources, the Reinert Center regularly publishes original content through our weekly blog and our bi-annual e-journal. We also maintain an institutional subscription to the national publication, The Teaching Professor Newsletter (from Magna Publications). Below are brief descriptions and links to these publications.

The Notebook. This is the Reinert Center’s weekly blog, formerly a quarterly newsletter. The blog provides a timely and interactive way to share insights and research on teaching and learning, announce upcoming events, and highlight Center accomplishments. As with a real “notebook” (whether in the cloud or in a spiral-bound cover), The Notebook is a site of creative exploration, research notes, and innovative ideas. We hope readers will find here new ways of thinking about their own teaching and new strategies for engaging all learners. Readers may subscribe to the blog and comment on current posts. SLU faculty and graduate students who wish to contribute a blog post may contact us at Past issues of the quarterly newsletter may be found here.

Technology for Teaching. This is the Reinert Center’s bi-annual e-journal, which is focused on pedagogy, educational technology, and evidence-based teaching strategies. Published twice per academic year, the e-journal spotlights SLU faculty innovations, highlights trends in educational technology, and features resources and strategies to support effective, purposeful uses of technology for teaching.

The Teaching Professor Newsletter. Edited by Maryellen Weimer, Ph.D., this national publication highlights emerging research and evidence-based strategies for effective teaching in higher education. The newsletter is published ten times per year and is aimed at busy faculty who seek evidence-based practices they can implement right away in their teaching. The Reinert Center maintains an institutional subscription, which means access is free for all SLU faculty members and graduate students.