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Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management and Insurance at Saint Louis University is responsible for implementing effective financial and operational strategies to minimize the SLU's exposure to pure risk and to protect the human, financial, and physical assets of the University.

Risk Management administers University risk programs and services in the following areas:

  • Automobile liability
  • Aviation (aircraft and airport)
  • Bonds
  • Crime
  • Cyber liability
  • Directors and officers
  • Employed lawyers
  • Pollution legal liability
  • Property (buildings, contents, fine arts)
  • Sports camps
  • Student athletic accidents
  • Umbrella liability
  • Workers' Compensation

Certificates of Insurance

Risk Management arranges for the issuance of certificates of insurance to provide evidence of coverage to third parties. If you are required to show evidence of insurance and need a certificate, complete this Certificate of Insurance Request.

You'll be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name of outside party
  • Full address 
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Reason for the request, including the name and date of the event if applicable
  • Any special contractual requirements relative to insurance coverage
  • The contract or agreement if additional insured status is required.

Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Saint Louis University provides medical professional liability insurance (also known as medical malpractice insurance) for employees performing clinical service on behalf of the University. This insurance provides protection against damages that may be awarded in a claim or a lawsuit, as well as legal defense costs.

To report an adverse incident, claim, subpoena or lawsuit, please call: 314-977-3952 or email All adverse incidents must also be reported using the Medical Adverse Incident Report. 

Claims history verifications for medical personnel may be obtained by contacting SLU's Risk Management, Please submit the employee's full name, date of birth and the last four digits of their social security number to complete the request.

Student Exposure and Injury Protocol

If a student is injured during clinical or laboratory work, Saint Louis University has established the following protocol to prevent infectious disease and/or disability and ensure prompt evaluation and treatment.

This protocol is not for employed student workers. They should follow the Worker's Compensation procedures.

Student Needles Stick, Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure, and Injury Protocol

International Business Travel

If you are a University employee who works 32 hours a week or more and travels on University-sponsored business, you may be entitled to international travel accident coverage for you, your spouse or children traveling with you, as well as important related travel services. This is a free service to employees. For information on filing an international medical insurance claim, please refer to this guide (PDF). For a mobile app version, please refer to this PDF guide

Sign up for Travel Insurance

Travel to the following countries is not covered by SLU-supplied insurance: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel (including the West Bank and Gaza Strip), Iran, Somalia, Chechnya or any country subject to the administration and enforcement of U.S. economic embargoes and trade sanctions by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

University Property Protection

The University secures property insurance to cover the loss of the physical buildings and contents.

University Departments must implement and maintain appropriate safeguards to prevent the loss, damage, and/or theft of University equipment. This requires attention to see that doors, windows, cabinets and desks are locked, vehicles are operated in a safe manner, equipment is physically secured and the Department of Public Safety is notified immediately when appropriate.

  • Where a department has suffered a loss by a natural event or accident and has taken reasonable efforts to prevent the loss or damages, the Department of Risk Management may assist with repairs or reimbursement subject to depreciation and investigation of a claim.
  • If a department has experienced theft of equipment, an investigation will be needed to determine compensability.
  • Risk Management does not reimburse departments for computers or any type of portable device.
  • For any type of reimbursement, all departments are subject first to a $1,500 deductible. If a department has two or more claims in a fiscal year, the deductible will be raised to $2,500. 

Personal Property Protection

The University does not insure the personal property of its faculty, staff, students, volunteers or guests. Claims associated with personal property theft or damage will not be covered by the University's insurance, including claims related to laptops, computers and electronic devices. It is expected that these items are insured through the individual's homeowner's insurance policy which is a primary source of compensation for all losses.

Bicycles on Campus

As a reminder to the University community, bicycles and scooters, including e-bikes, are not permitted in University buildings, including residence halls.

The movement of bikes in and out of buildings causes significant damage to doors, floors, walls and elevators. The lithium-ion batteries often found on e-bikes and scooters present a potential fire hazard.

Students bringing bicycles on campus are strongly encouraged to register their bikes with the Department of Public Safety (DPS). DPS provides free bike locks to those who do register their bicycles. See the DPS website for more information.

There are about 100 bike racks throughout the Saint Louis University campus, at which you can secure your bike or scooter.