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COVID-19 Update: SLU’s Daily Symptom Checks (CampusClear)

Aug. 17, 2020

Dear SLU staff and faculty members, 

As we have previously shared, everyone who is living, learning and/or working on our St. Louis campuses will be required to complete daily symptom checks during the fall semester. Completing the check is quick and really easy, I promise! 

To make daily checks easy (and fast), SLU has selected the self-screening app #CampusClear

Below is guidance on how frequently you should complete symptom checks:

The #CampusClear app is ready for faculty and staff use. Students have used it for about a week now, with impressive engagement thus far. 

Downloading the App 

Your first step is to download the app. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android devices through the Apple App and Google Play stores. Search for #CampusClear, download the app and follow the prompts. 

After identifying yourself as an employee, you will be asked to enter your email. Be sure to use your SLU Office 365 email address ( or for verification purposes. Please do not use any other email account. 

How the App Works 

The symptom check will ask: “How are you feeling?” Please report whether you are experiencing any of the 11 identified symptoms associated with COVID-19. Also, please report if you have tested positive or have been in close contact with someone who has. (Close contact is defined in the contact tracing section of our safeguards FAQs.) 

Based on your responses, you’ll be told that you are “good to go” or told to contact Employee Health. 

It’s important to note that this effort is about self-awareness and reminding members of our SLU community that they should stay home if they are not feeling well. The app is not intended to provide medical advice or diagnoses. 

You can set up alerts in the app to receive reminders to complete your self-screen each day. There’s also a log where you can review your previous responses. If you experience any technical issues using the app, contact #CampusClear support at

Privacy is a Priority 

The only information that the app collects is your SLU email address and survey responses. Your information is encrypted and will be accessible only to authorized University administrators. The app does not use GPS or Bluetooth. It does not track your location. 

Don’t Have a Smartphone? 

If you don’t have a smartphone, #CampusClear offers an online version of the self-screening tool, which works similarly to the mobile app and follows the processes described above. 

Campus Visitors 

All visitors are required to complete a symptom check before coming to campus. To use the app, they will self-identify as a visitor, select SLU from a list of participating institutions, and provide contact information for verification. If you have invited someone to campus, it’s your responsibility to ensure they self-screen prior to arriving. 

More About the New App 

More than 1,000 colleges and universities have signed-up for #CampusClear, which was created by, a company that makes chatbots for higher education, in partnership with Creighton University and other collegiate partners.  

This tool is an important part of the extensive efforts we are undertaking to keep you and our community safe and healthy. By taking a few seconds each day to record and report your health status, you will help prevent possible outbreaks of COVID-19 at SLU. 

Stay well,

Jessica M. Evenson
Vice President of University Compliance and Ethics