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COVID-19 Update: Fall 2020 Course Schedules Available, Other Academic Updates

July 17, 2020

Dear Saint Louis University community, 

Over the past month, our entire University community has come together in unprecedented ways to help us prepare to return to hybrid instruction for the fall semester. Hybrid instruction combines in-person instruction, for those students who can be on-campus, with online for students who cannot. From student and faculty feedback, to a myriad of meetings involving units from all across campus, I have seen the power of consultation and collaboration.   

This message contains several academic-related updates in anticipation of the start of fall semester on Aug. 17, including: 

Additional information on preparations for the fall semester is available on our Back to SLU: Fall 2020 website. 

Fall Course Schedules Posted in Banner 

Course schedules are now available for students and faculty in Banner. These schedules include the days and times for all courses, specific campus locations, and the instructional modality in which the course is being delivered. 

I am happy to report that an overwhelming majority of our new and returning students have no more than two fully-online courses for the fall.  

Please note that approximately 400 in-person course sections will be listed in Banner as a split section. Split sections will rotate in-class and online instruction among groups of students. Course sections that need to move to this instructional approach will be updated in Banner in the coming weeks. 

As I mentioned in my previous messages to faculty and students, these schedules were informed by the recent surveys, while ensuring we adhered to our required public health safeguards. To date, we have: 

With course schedules set, I hope that our faculty and students feel they can better prepare for the complexities of this fall semester. As Dr. Pestello and I have stated repeatedly, fall 2020 will be vastly different due to all of our COVID-19-prevention protocols. But we are all committed to doing all we can to make it the best and most inspiring learning experience possible. 

Academic Calendar Updates 

The revised academic calendar for fall 2020 is now available. For the health and safety of our entire campus community, we are strongly considering holding classes on Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 7). Fall Break will be held on a Tuesday. Key dates for the semester include: 

Please note that certain schools and colleges at SLU (such as the School of Medicine, School of Law, School for Professional Studies, CADE and SLU-Madrid) have different academic calendars, so please check with your individual schools for specific dates. 

Updated Policies for Fall 2020 

In preparation for our return to in-person courses, the University has implemented a number of public health safeguards to ensure the health of our entire community, particularly those who are most at risk of experiencing severe consequences from a COVID infection. In addition to the information available on the previously-mentioned Back to SLU website, several academic-related policies have been updated for the fall semester. 

Some of this information will be included in individual course syllabi, specifically related to face masks and attendance. See below for additional information. 

Impacts to Off-Campus Programs 

SLU hosts programs at a number of non-SLU locations throughout Missouri and in other states. Note that some of these institutions may not be following the same protocols as our St. Louis campus. Please consult your SLU program leaders about COVID-related expectations and requirements. 

I hope this message has provided pertinent information for everyone, and I know that the uncertainty around the virus is causing anxiety for many of you. Please know that we will continue to prioritize the health and security of our entire University community as we prepare for the fall semester. 

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you on campus and online in August. 

Michael Lewis, Ph.D.
Interim Provost