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COVID-19 Update: Lab and Experiential Courses, Course Schedule Updates

July 23, 2020

Dear Saint Louis University community, 

I hope this message finds you safe and healthy. I am following up on my July 17 message to campus to provide additional information on the following topics: 

Lab and Experiential Learning Courses 

As we have shared in a previous message, there are certain labs, practicums, performing arts classes and other experiential learning courses that we will not offer online. 

We understand the importance of our students progressing in their studies, and staying on track to graduate. We also understand that by not offering certain experiential courses online, students may initially fall behind in their studies during the fall semester. We are developing strategies for students to catch up by the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year to remain on track to graduate. These include: 

Labor Day 

For the health and safety of our University community, we will conduct classes on Labor Day. This also provides faculty and students with more classroom time, and limits the opportunity for members of our campus community to travel.  

Student Changes to Course Schedules 

Since course schedules were announced, we have heard from students and families with questions about how to move all of their courses online. Concerns about community spread in different parts of the country are certainly adding to these worries. We hear you. We want to do all we can to accommodate any student who has changed their mind and now prefers to take their coursework fully online.  

If you want to move all of your courses online, please fill out this academic survey. We are tracking updated responses, even if you already filled it out, and will make the necessary changes as soon as possible in Banner.  

We have also received questions about how to tell whether a class is in-person or online while looking at Banner. We have more information in our course scheduling FAQ page about how to tell the difference, among other common questions we have received. 

If you are enrolled in a course that has more than one section available, and you want to change to a different section (i.e., one that’s in person), please contact your advisor as soon as possible. Like most of campus, academic advising is operating remotely this summer. The best way to reach your advisor is to schedule an appointment via email. 

Finally, please note that as local school districts announce their plans for K-12 instruction, some SLU course schedules may need to change to accommodate faculty with children. We expect course changes to be minimal, but they will likely impact some of our students. 

Thank you for your continued understanding and flexibility as we prepare for the fall. Know that the health and safety of our entire University community continue to be our first priority. 

Thank you and God bless, 

Michael Lewis, Ph.D.
Interim Provost