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COVID-19 Update: Quarantine Housing for On-Campus Students

Nov. 14, 2020 

Dear Billiken companions, 

As you have read in our recent communications to the University community and seen on our COVID-19 dashboard, COVID infections among students have increased. 

With just over a week left before Thanksgiving break, students identified through contact tracing as close contacts of someone with COVID-19 will not be returning to in-person classes or labs this fall due to their 14-day quarantine period.  

As a consequence, we strongly encourage all students who must quarantine to do so at home whenever possible.  

That said, we understand that many have vulnerable loved ones at home that make this decision complex. Every on-campus quarantine decision will undergo a review of any circumstances that prevent a student from going home. You are welcome to email with questions about what might qualify someone for on-campus quarantine housing. 

While in quarantine at home, you should refrain from being in close contact with anyone, including roommates or family members. Avoid the use of shared spaces whenever possible. If a shared space is necessary, keep your mask on, your time with others very brief, and disinfect highly touched surfaces. You should take these actions until your quarantine period has ended. 

We recognize how difficult it is for any student to go into quarantine this late in the semester. We will continue to offer housing and support where and when we can. 

Thank you for your continued understanding. 

Be well, 

Debra Rudder Lohe, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)
Interim Vice President for Student Development 

Terri Rebmann, Ph.D., RN, CIC, FAPIC
Special Assistant to the President 

Rachel Charney, MD
Director of Disaster Preparedness, SLUCare
Director, SLU Contact Tracing