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Special Circumstances Relief Application (2020-21 Academic Year)

May 26, 2020 

Dear members of our Saint Louis University community, 

Thank you to all of you who helped share our COVID-19 Relief Request Application over the past few weeks with students in need.   

With your help, we were able to connect more than 5,000 SLU students in need with about $2.8 million in aid. That includes the $2.57 million in CARES Act funding we received through the federal stimulus package, as well as aid from our emergency relief fund. Students received an average of $600 each. 

Through the CARES Act funding requests, we have heard from roughly 2,300 students who reported that either they or their parents have lost their job. This devastating statistic reminds us of how important it is for SLU to make decisions quickly and thoughtfully. 

We know that the financial need for our Billiken families will likely grow. Ahead of the fall semester, we have developed a revised way of collecting information for financial aid: the Special Circumstances Relief Application

We encourage all students (undergraduate, graduate and professional) who have experienced loss of income or other special circumstances that affect your ability to afford your educational expenses for the 2020-21 academic year to fill out the application. 

Please note that this is separate from the CARES Act grants and you should still fill out this application if you received that aid. Also, this does not guarantee additional financial aid, and you may be asked for additional documentation. 

Please know we understand the urgency of your application and will respond as quickly as possible. We anticipate processing applications within 10 days of receipt. Response times may vary based on application volume. 

Know that we are here for you. 


Kathleen B. Davis
Vice President for Enrollment & Retention Management