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Information for Residential Students Returning to Campus in January

Jan. 12, 2021

Dear Billikens,

The Housing and Residence Life team is excited to welcome you back to campus for the Spring 2021 semester. Since many of you will be returning to campus within the next 14 days, we encourage you to start limiting your contact with others now. Doing so helps you to have the best chance of a negative COVID-19 test result upon your return so you may move directly into your assigned campus residence. Below is important information relating to spring move-in, COVID-19 testing, meal plans, the residential guest policy and our community standards.

Spring 2021 Move-In Dates

For Students Who Were On Campus Over Break

If you are currently staying in your assignment on campus, or plan to return prior to January 22nd, you must still get tested between January 22-27. You can schedule your testing date and time by using the link below in the COVID-19 testing section.

For Students Who Were NOT On Campus Over Break

Move-in for the spring 2021 semester will occur January 22nd - January 27th. All residential students are required to have completed COVID-19 testing prior to returning to their assignment, as noted from the President’s Message on December 22nd. Only after you have been tested and received a negative result for COVID-19, are you free to return to your campus home on/after January 22. This means the testing date and time you select will determine your return or move-in date.  

For Students Who Live in an Open Building BUT Did Not Stay Over Break

Although you currently have access to your assignment, if you have not been on campus since the fall semester, it is highly recommended that you return to campus between January 22-27. This is encouraged in order to help keep yourself and others as safe as possible during this transition back to campus. You are still required to complete COVID-19 testing between January 22-27 no matter your return date.

For Students Who Are Moving onto Campus for the First Time

We are looking forward to your arrival.  We recognize there are some additional more specific needs attached to your arrival. Additional information regarding ID pick up and move in will be shared with you in a separate communication coming soon.  

Once you complete your COVID-19 testing, and test negative, you will receive a small sticker for your ID and will be required to show this to staff at the front desk (where applicable) when entering your residential area.

Spring 2021 Meal Plans

The meal plan for the spring semester will begin January 22nd. Please click here for the dates, times, and options for the spring. 

COVID-19 Testing

Testing will occur January 22nd - 27th from 8:00am - 5:00pm in the Simon Recreation Center and is required of all residential students. You can select your testing date and time through this registration link. After you receive a negative test, you will be given proof of that result, which will allow you entry to your on-campus residence.

Students will also be permitted to present a negative COVID-19 test result in lieu of completing testing in the Simon Recreation Center. The test must be within the previous 72 hours and proof must be shown to staff at the Simon Recreation Center before a student is permitted to move into their assignment for the spring semester.

Those who have tested positive for COVID-19 during the 90 days prior to returning to campus are not required to get tested on campus again. However, you must come to the Simon Recreation Center during testing hours with written proof of your positive test. Providing this information will permit students to move into their assignment for the spring semester.

Even students who remained on campus over the Winter Break are required to be tested during the January 22nd - January 27th window. This will allow our campus community to feel confident that we have done our best to assure our residence halls are free from COVID-19 as we bring all students back to campus. 

For residents who must return to campus after 5 p.m., you must check in at your front desks (where applicable) before moving back into your assignment. You will be allowed to enter the building but are restricted to your assignment for the evening and then must get tested first thing the following day. Students who return to campus after January 27th must contact the Student Health Center to complete testing prior to moving back into their housing assignment. 

Guest Policy 

The tightened end-of-term guest pandemic safety precautions have been lifted for the start of the Spring 2021 semester. Here is a reminder of the current expectations for guests:

This practice will remain in effect until further notice. Modifications to the guest policy may be implemented if the need for additional restrictions are warranted to slow the spread of the virus. 

Common Spaces Use

Many students have reported the need for additional space to meet with friends and classmates.  In each building the HRL staff has provided guidance about appropriate and safe use of lounges. Please pay close attention to the occupancy limitations and remember to adhere to the 6-foot social distancing and mask use expectations. As with any other area of campus, if students are found responsible for violating these requirements, they will be referred to the Office of Student Responsibilities and Community Standards for judicial action. It is advised that neither eating nor drinking occur in lounge spaces with others present.  We hope that this will allow for some additional on campus locations to spend time together in community, while mitigating the risks of COVID-19 infection.

Community Standards

Community standards are designed to promote and preserve an atmosphere conducive to community living.  Please remember that any student who does not comply with the Community Standards, which include, but are not limited to, the visitation policy, and other University policies such as random testing and required public/community health safeguards will be out of compliance with the Campus Commitment agreement and the University’s Community Standards, which result in a referral to the Office of Student Responsibility and Community Standards. Any violation of the Community Standards may result in disciplinary action, including possible termination of the housing contract (without refund), suspension, and expulsion. Other sanctions may be applied in addition to contract termination, suspension, or expulsion. 

This message attempts to anticipate and answer most of your questions, but you can always email  for additional residential information regarding move-in, guest policy or lounge space questions. If you have any questions regarding pre-Spring 2021 COVID-19 testing please review the Health Advisory: Coronavirus webpage

We know what it takes to remain healthy and safe in our community. You have proven it with your efforts during the Fall semester. However, please understand restrictions may be adjusted throughout the semester as COVID-19 infection rates increase. Although the precautions may be draining - we in HRL have faith in our continued success.  Thank you for your willingness to overcome the odds then and now. 

Safe travels. See you on campus very soon.


Housing and Residence Life