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COVID-19 Update: Spring Semester Updates for Testing and Quarantine

Feb. 2, 2021

Dear SLU community,  

With the spring semester officially underway, we want to share some updates with you relating to the University’s ongoing response to COVID-19. This is particularly important for our students, but we are including our faculty, staff and parents on this message, too.

Testing protocols

The testing options for the spring will mirror much of what we did during the fall, but I want to offer a refresher:

Quarantine guidance

The St Louis City Health Department has decided not to adopt a new CDC guidance that permits close contacts to test out of quarantine early with a negative COVID-19 test result. Therefore, it will not be part of our process at SLU.

Neck gaiters as face coverings

SLU’s interim policy on face masks no longer prohibits the use of neck gaiters as a protective face covering. Current public health recommendations indicate that the term “gaiter” no longer refers to just a single type of garment as was once the case. Thus, gaiters are now considered sufficient as long as they meet our face mask policy by covering both the nose and mouth. Our interim policy has been updated to reflect this change. Please note that masks with exhalation valves continue to be prohibited.

#CampusClear reminder

Please begin using #CampusClear, SLU’s daily symptom checker. A “Good to Go!” message on #CampusClear is required to enter Pius Library and the Simon Rec Center this spring, just as it was in the fall. Some departments have symptom tracking tools other than #CampusClear; please use those as they apply to you.

Remember: If you are experiencing symptoms you should fill out #CampusClear and follow the directions on the screen to contact Student Health or Employee Health.

As always, email with any questions.

Let’s start this academic year strong, together, as OneSLU.

Stay safe and healthy.

Terri Rebmann, Ph.D., RN, CIC, FAPIC
Special Assistant to the President
Director, Institute for Biosecurity
Professor, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
College for Public Health & Social Justice