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Student Development Message: Mandatory Return to Campus Module

Aug. 3, 2020

Dear Billiken Companions, 

I write today to announce a mandatory Return to Campus Module for undergraduate students returning to campus to complete prior to Aug. 11.  

While I know many of you have concerns about rising cases of COVID-19, we are currently still planning for your in-person, Aug. 17 start. We continue to monitor developments closely. 

The origins of this mandatory module are important: This summer, a student came to SGA leadership with the idea of an educational module to help all students better understand SLU’s safeguards and envision life on campus this fall. SGA brought this idea to University administrators who saw value in having students lead the initiative. A team of student leaders, including members of SGA, worked hard, and I fully support the product they created. I am grateful that this module was developed by students who share many of the same concerns, questions, and worries about the fall that you may have. 

While the module is designed for undergraduate students who are returning to campus, it is also available to graduate students, faculty, staff, and parents. Content in this module may address many of your questions and worries as well. 

How to complete the module: 

Soon, Dr. Pestello will share our Campus Commitment, a document outlining our shared expectations for being together in community safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each member of the Saint Louis University community will be asked to affirm this commitment prior to returning to campus. Completing this module will help prepare you to understand what making that commitment will mean for your life at SLU this fall. 

Know that I am praying for our community during this time, and I appreciate your prayers, too. I look forward to seeing you back on campus soon. 

Debra Rudder Lohe, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)
Interim Vice President for Student Development